The Handbook of Mobile Market Research (1)

The premier guide to mobile market research The Handbook of Mobile Market Research is the first guide to focus exclusively on the use of mobile technology in market research. From a global perspective, more people own mobile phones than landlines or computers, and most people have their mobile phones with them at all times-along with their tablets, smartwatches, media players, and navigation devices. The continuous surge of mobile innovation provides unprecedented access to real-time consumer behaviour. Mobile market research allows users to reach more people, engage more people, and collect more valuable data as respondents are free to engage at their own pace, on their own time. Industry forerunners Ray Poynter, Navin Williams, and Sue York employ decades of study to examine the present and future state of mobile market research, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches. This book contains clear, comprehensive knowledge for those who implement, utilise, and study the field. Readers will learn: * The characteristics, scope, and importance of mobile market research * Purposes and effects of principal tools like brand tracking, ad testing, customer satisfaction research, and research technology * How mobile devices are used for qualitative and quantitative research by way of online focus groups, online discussions, mobile diaries, mobile ethnographies, and mobile surveys * Aspects and implications of mobile computer interviews, mobile phone interviews, mixed-mode research, international mobile research, and research using passive data, panels, lists, and communities * The significance of the mobile ecosystem, market research ethics, and research on research Designed to be accessible and helpful for beginners and advanced users alike, The Handbook of Mobile Market Research is an extensive guide to one of the most promising, dynamic methods of data collection.

Editorial Reviews

In this book Ray, Sue, and Navin lift the lid on mobile marketing research to comprehensively reveal how the various components work and fit together. This is an essential read for any researcher contemplating or already undertaking mobile data collection.

Guy Rolfe, Head Mobile Practice, Global Operations, Kantar

Poynter, Williams, and York have created an incomparable primer; truly the first of its kind, for the use of mobile technologies in the practice of market research. The Handbook of Mobile Market Research provides a deep-dive into mobile as an emerging marketing measurement and data collection platform, while also providing a holistic view of current and future opportunities for marketers as mobile and cross platform research methods continue to evolve.

Kristin Luck, President and CMO, Decipher

The pioneering book on the use of mobile technology in market research

Wow – Ray Poynter and the team have done it again! Without a doubt, mobile has changed the relationship between brands and customers and this is changing how market and social research will need to be conducted and delivered. The Handbook of Mobile Market Research is both timely and an invaluable resource for marketers and researchers of all ages and experiences. A practical guide that does not get bogged down in technology speak, but focuses more on how to get things done and addresses the tough but important topics such as ethics, incentives and the challenges of "in the moment". It will become an essential reference guide with practical tips and tricks for success (my favorite tip is "don't collect more data than can be analyzed with the resources available!

Peter Harris, EVP & Managing Director, Vision Critical Asia Pacific

Ray Poynter does it again in The Handbook of Mobile Market Research, this time with the aid of co-authors Sue York and Navin Williams. Drawing upon decades of study in the methods of market research practice, Ray, Sue, and Navin clarify the manner in which mobile devices are changing market research today and will continue to shape it in the future. The book incorporates social media, big data, and other technology of our times to provide a detailed reference document of applications and implementation practices for mobile research. Most importantly, it provides what is the most comprehensive summary of research-on [mobile]-research available in the industry today. This book has something to offer researchers irrespective of their role – from methodologists to CEOs.

Leslie Townsend, President, Kinesis Survey Technologies