Our Vision

To be at the forefront of “NOW” research.

Our History

MobileMeasure Consultancy (MM), founded in 2009 is a pioneering mobile research company that has moved with both the consumer and the technology in play. MM started by offering services covering feature phones and has evolving to cover a wider range of devices, including but not restricted to mobiles, wearables and other internet of things.

About Us

Headquartered in Shanghai, MOBILEMEASURE started as a Mobile Market research service and has rapidly evolved into a full service digital market research service with mobile consumers at its core. Focused on consumer engagement solutions, its highly intuitive mobile + web survey platform cover both Quantitative & Qualitative methods.

Working across a host of available technologies, we customize services to ensure solutions are tailored to specific market conditions. This flexibility allows us to mix and match both traditional and digital channels, while executing any project.

MM’s offer covers a wide range of services from Mobile Panels, Mobile Survey Platform, Quantitative, Qualitative methods and Consulting. We focus on areas within Market Research that consumers value and intersect with technology in a bid to better understand consumer behavior “@ the moment of truth”. The ultimate goal is to move away from recall based market research to “real time NOW insights” .

Getting to the “Moment of Truth – Anytime Anywhere” is what we are all about.

Our Team

The team at MobileMeasure is a fascinating blend of multicultural curious explorers across its functions be it technical, analytical, project management or others. We are constantly looking for reasons to do things differently in exciting ways than is traditionally being done and continuously challenging the status quo.