As pioneers and leading lights in mobile enabled digital now research in the industry, MobileMeasure consults for clients, conduct workshops and trainings, speak at industry conferences, seminars and publishes books and papers.    

Consulting & Advisory Services

MobileMeasure works across clients and partners to help mobilize their services and offerings. Advising their teams and management on the best path to adopting mobile and integrating digital methods into an organization and its services.

Some of the work done for clients involves:

  • Defining a path of digital adoption
  • Adoption of mobile into existing traditional methods
  • Redesign of systems and models from traditional to fit digital channels

Papers & Publications

MobileMeasure prides itself in its forward thinking and has regularly published papers for the industry which lead the way for new and contemporary thinking.

Some of the key papers written by our team are:

  • Mobile 3D animation for product testing
  • Smart Research with Dumb Phones
  • Mobile Messaging Platforms as a source of Sample

MM's CEO Navin Williams also coauthored the book “The Handbook of Mobile Market research” a essential reading book for market researchers starting their journey in mobile enabled research.

Workshops & Trainings

MobileMeasure’s team has a mobile and digital focused experience in excess of a 100 years! This experience is available to clients and partners to tap into as and when they require.

Some of the Workshops and Trainings conducted by us are:

  • Mobile growth and current status
  • How to use Mobile channels affectively
  • Using WeChat for Surveys

Conferences Speaking & Academic Institute Lectures

As a leading advocate and practitioner of mobile marketing and mobile market research, we are highly sought after to speak and share our experience at conferences and campuses.

Some of the conferences MM teams have spoken at are:

  • MMRW (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • ESOMAR APAC (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Qual 360 (Macau, China & Penang Malaysia)
  • IIeX Asia (Sydney, Australia)
  • Best of ESOMAR (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • ESOMAR APAC (Singapore)
  • Best of ESOMAR (Fudan University, China)
  • ESOMAR 3D (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Amongst many other locations and campuses